Staffing and Hiring

Temporary Dentist and Dental Staffing

Whether your need is short term or long term, Peak Dental provides Provisional Team Members™ in the following positions to keep your practice running smoothly:

  • General Dentists
  • Specialists (Orthodontist, Periodontist, etc.)
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Assistants (General and Specialty)
  • Office Administrators
  • Office Support

Review our Hygiene Vacation Coverage Case Study

Employer of Record

We take the stress and liability out of personnel management. All of our rates are hourly, so you never have to share production. Your rate includes all payment of wages, taxes, benefits, workers compensation, malpractice and liability insurance, as well as management of all our employees' performance and wages.

Practice Profile

This profile significantly raises our success ratio for finding qualified candidates for your assignments and is the foundation for providing our Provisional Team Members (PTM™) an extensive orientation to your office. Your personal office profile takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and is done at no charge. Once the profile is completed, all that is necessary is a phone call or email to our office to initiate a staffing request from Peak.

Timely Response

We believe that our service is our reputation. Accordingly, upon placing your request, our staff of trained professionals will provide an immediate disposition to your need. We then maintain regular contact with you to meet your ongoing needs.

The Best Bank of Personnel

That's a pretty strong claim, but we know, because of our very thorough screening procedures and the quality of our in-office professionals, only the best applicants are chosen to become Provisional Team Members. Applicants are screened, evaluated for skill, and interviewed in-depth for personality traits. Their licenses are verified, and they are given an orientation in becoming a Provisional Team Member.

Temporary Dentist

Need a Dentist? Improve your quality of life, enhance the services to your patients, and enjoy the financial benefits.

Our highly qualified dentists are available throughout the state for "locum tenens" or interim assignments to help you:

  • Enjoy More Frequent, Longer Vacations
  • Have More Quality Time with Your Family
  • Take Care of Personal or Family Health Needs
  • Perform More of the Procedures You Enjoy
  • We also cover maternity leaves, vacations, and other absences.

Our personalized and comprehensive office profile ensures the right "fit" between a Peak doctor and your practice. Peak doctors are highly regarded and consistently requested to return for as little as a day, a week, a month, or as long as you have a need.

Relax and Return Revitalized. With a PEAK doctor covering while you're away, you can return to a productive schedule, without the usual headaches from emergencies and non-productive work that has accumulated while you were gone.

"I have used Peak for several years and have been very pleased with their services. I have used dentists to work at my office on days I choose to be out. This service allows the office to remain productive. We can have the hygiene patients still have their exams as well as a productive schedule with the dentist. The PEAK dentist has always produced more than the cost to have them there. I have found the dentists to be very competent, and I have taken advantage of this service many times."

Paul M. Hanysz, DDS

"I have used Peak's doctor coverage to take some Saturdays off with my family and to keep my patients happy while I'm on vacation. It works for me."

Jeff Daws, DDS

"I enjoy having someone else work the hours I don't want to and also perform more time-consuming procedures."

Michael Reich, DDS

Hiring Services

We represent highly skilled and qualified hiring candidates for all positions in dentistry. Since 1990, Peak Performers has matched dental professionals to employment opportunities which fit their backgrounds, talents, and career aspirations. With our vast knowledge of the profession, experience, and access to state-of-the-art technologies, we are uniquely qualified to deliver exceptional placement and career consulting services.

Many dental professionals avoid job searches through the want ads or internet listings. These individuals are committed to allowing Peak to represent the finest opportunities to them. Some may evaluate as many as ten positions within three years before making a career step! No amount of advertising money will attract these individuals. Let Peak be your dental talent agent.

Hiring a Dentist

Peak Associate Recruiting Program™

Since 1990, Peak Performers has assisted hundreds of practices in finding the right candidate. The NEW Peak Associate Recruiting Program allows you to customize the services you need for your search. This program offers you options that fit your individual needs and your budget. These options range from doing it yourself to our renowned full-service support. Now you can utilize as little or as much of our resources and experience as you need to find the right associate for your practice.

Associate Readiness™

First let Peak work with you to determine if you and your practice, are ready for an associate dentist to assist with growing your practice.

Assisted Plan

With the Assisted plan, Peak will be the primary contact and will pre-screen all interested candidates based on the criteria you set. Your position will be posted until you hire or up to one year. All candidates who meet your predetermined requirements will be forwarded to you. Recommended for the owner that has:

  • A Practice That Is Located in a Desirable Area but Has a Limited Supply of Candidates
  • Experience in Hiring Associates
  • Limited Time and Resources to Dedicate to the Hiring Process and Is Looking for Basic Skills and Experience

Complete Service

Peak provides complete support. We are the primary contact for candidates and will only present qualified candidates who match your specific criteria. We actively recruit until your offer is accepted. Recommended for:

  • A Practice That Is Located in a Rural Area That Attracts a Very Limited Supply of Candidates
  • Someone with No Experience in Hiring Associates
  • Someone without the Time or Support to Dedicate to the Hiring Processor Is Looking for Very Specific Skills and Experience

Contact us today for dentist staffing centered on the success of your practice. We proudly serve clients in Michigan, and those living throughout the greater Midwest.